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dentist in guwahati

We at our dental clinic provide comprehensive general dental treatment which are done under strict sterilization like : Ultrasonic Scaling (the process to remove unwanted inflammation causing elements like plaque and tartar. The Ultrasonic Scaler moves slowly with a low frequency and is air-driven)
Management of sensitive teeth (by restorative procedures or application of sealants/desensitisers)
Simple/Complex extractions including Impactions (extraction is prescribed generally when it is not feasible to repair the damaged tooth. It is also done in cases where the tissues and bones are completely damaged. The tooth is extracted after giving local anaesthesia to the patient.)
Restorative fillings (tooth coloured fillings for decayed teeth)
Tooth replacement with prosthesis like Removable partial denture, complete Dentures and Fixed partial Dentures(Dentures are false teeth that might be fixed or removable in nature. Tooth replacement is prescribed when the roots of the tooth become irreparable and the tooth must be removed. Dentures have started to become more real with the advent of synthetic plastic resins and lightweight metal alloy teeth denture. Due to technological advancements, dentures have become more efficient in chewing )